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We exist to sustain and protect growth and prosperity. From our home base in Bermuda, we work in markets around the world with the aim of forging the future stability of the global economy.

We understand that as the world economic system globalises and grows, complex new risks emerge and hence the need for new risk and capital management solutions. At Aragon Re, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to offer meaningful reinsurance solutions – solutions that address specific market challenges in support of long-term growth.

Founded on time-tested principles, and united by a collective attitude to embrace the rapid change and innovations of the modern era, we unlock the power of reinsurance.

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What Makes Us Outstanding

We make decision with speed and integrity

Aragon Re operates an open and transparent underwriting framework which aids prompt decision making.

We have the courage to deliver

We give ear to our clients and work relentlessly to meet their needs, by indulging our ability and courage to deliver genuine thinking in acknowledgement.

We want to grow with you

We aim to be your preferred reinsurance partner and be your long-term partner while creating sustainable value into the future. Our focus is on durable client relationships.

Prevailing Creativity

We adopt a workshop approach by combining experienced team members from market, product and analytical disciplines. This enables the delivery of modern and flexible solutions to risk and capital management needs.

We do not delay in paying claims

We look to settle claims quickly.



Aragon Re visualizes reinsurance as a powerful solution to assist companies and economies to grow with strength and security in a sustainable and long-term way. We co-operate with clients and intermediaries to develop risk and capital solutions to assist our clients to grow profitably, and we look at long term outcomes and aim to pay claims promptly.

We have launched our business successfully, based on the strong relationships built in our base of Bermuda and we are now seen as a reliable reinsurance partner. Thanks to our strong parent company and their long-term commitment to providing excellent professional services to clients, Aragon Re enjoys a unique position in Bermuda. As a forward-looking company, we look to develop into a sophisticated reinsurer with access not only to reinsurance assets, but also insurance asset and alternative capital.



At Aragon Re, our guiding principles are to:

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...deploy our capital in the most efficient manner

Always deploy our capital in the most efficient manner.

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...clear underwriting decisions promptly

Make clear underwriting decisions promptly with transparency.

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Maximise use of the new technologies...

Maximise use of the new technologies to ensure clients are covered with the best protection for the best prices.

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...maintain an on-going dialogue

Nurture deep and abiding relationships with our clients and brokers and always maintain an on-going dialogue.

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Assist our clients to grow...

Assist our clients to grow in a sustainable and profitable way so they can play a greater risk-mitigating role in the global economy.



A rapidly growing reinsurer such as Aragon Re requires a robust and effective risk management framework. This is of utmost importance and a prerequisite to the sustainable and sound development of the franchise. The continued diversification of our business portfolio both by line of business and geography requires a state-of-the-art risk management approach which not only identifies, manages and controls risk but also informs strategic decisions such as pricing and capital allocation.

Our risk management approach is based on the Company’s risk map and its three key components: asset risk, liability risk and business risk as well as the respective sub-categories of credit, market, underwriting, reserving, operational and strategic risk. These risks are managed holistically, i.e. based on a balance sheet view, with equal attention to the assets and liabilities side. Aragon Re licenses vendor models to analyse its natural catastrophe exposures and based on the model, scenarios and defined risk baskets have been developed. In addition, Aragon Re has built up a strong analytical team which enables management to evaluate risks according to its own assessments. The modern IT platform we use currently supports real time accumulation tracking tool covering property, agriculture, marine, personal accident, credit and life & health business.

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